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What Wall Color Goes With Gray Kitchen Cabinets?

Gray cabinets do more than hide dirt, scratches, and fingerprints with their darker hue. They create a sleek, modern feel with just enough contrast to provide dimension while maintaining a minimalistic appearance. But to keep the gray from looking unnatural, consider what wall color goes with gray kitchen cabinets.

Current Cabinetry, your team of trusted cabinet manufacturers in Baltimore, MD, has years of experience creating 3D digital kitchen layouts for our customers. We know how to optimize style and color schemes based on your chosen cabinetry. Below, we’ve listed the top three wall hues to consider if you have gray cabinets.

1. A Lighter Shade of Gray

If you’re looking for the most harmonious appearance, consider sticking with the same tint but in a different shade. Going one shade lighter on your walls allows your cabinetry to blend into its surroundings for a seamless flow that opens up smaller spaces. 

It simultaneously makes your cabinets pop with slightly more color, which prevents a one-dimensional, flat appearance. It also highlights your cabinet and drawer systems, making them the focal point of your kitchen. For slightly more contrast, consider moving several shades down to warm or cool white walls, depending on whether you used a warm or cool light gray cabinet color, respectively. 

2. Teal or Another Deep Blue or Green

For a darker kitchen cabinet wall installation consisting of space gray or another rich gray color with blue or green undertones, bring out these underlying hues with matching wall paint. Teal, turquoise, and like colors create a cool-toned color scheme with a vibrancy ideal for chic, coastal, and farmhouse architectural styles. 

However, because this color combination of gray and teal can be attention-grabbing, opt for neutral ceilings and floors to create a less busy space. Doing so allows the eyes to settle on the cabinets and backsplash, which is what you want as your kitchen focal point. 

3. Pink 

Speaking of undertones, some medium grays, like dove gray, have a warm undertone of pastel pink that effortlessly encourage a color scheme of gray and pink. Whether you use this soft baby pink on the backsplash between the wall and base cabinets, one accent wall, or all adjacent ones, it complements the warm-toned gray in most architectural styles, from Scandinavian and minimalistic to chic or vintage. 

If you’re looking for slightly more contrast, consider using a more vibrant pink and a deeper shade of gray for an Art Deco architectural style that favors bright colors and ornamentation. 

For a Premium Finish That’ll Match Any Style!

Our specialized manufacturing company has a dedication to excellent customer service and 100% satisfaction. Therefore, we always fully stock our warehouse and deliver your cabinets within three days so you can get your kitchen project done sooner. Whether you want gray or glass door kitchen wall cabinets, count on our vast selection.

Call Current Cabinetry at 410-609-7077 to decipher what wall color goes with gray kitchen cabinets and receive a free design in Baltimore, MD, today!

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