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How to Choose a Kitchen Cabinet Color: Factors to Consider

Does the unending plethora of kitchen cabinet colors overwhelm you? Figuring out how to choose kitchen cabinet colors often feels mind-blowing to numerous homeowners. How can you choose one color with so many options?

As manufacturers of reliable cabinets in Baltimore, our team at Current Cabinetry sympathizes with the struggle. So we developed a list of factors for you to ponder before making your final decision. 

How Is Your Kitchen’s Lighting?

Your cabinet color should complement your kitchen’s natural light. Does your kitchen feature big windows that allow plentiful sunlight to filter through or a few small windows that provide limited light? Maybe your kitchen doesn’t have any windows at all!

Consider how much light your kitchen receives throughout the day. Kitchens with small or no windows need brighter cabinets in white to reflect the light that does filter through. Brightly lit kitchens can accommodate deeper colors like navy blue. 

Harmonize Color Options

Who says you have to choose just one kitchen cabinet color? You could make a bold statement by choosing contrasting but complementary colors. Alternating the top and bottom cabinet colors can add structure and intensity on otherwise flat, uniform surfaces.

For example, white top cabinets pair perfectly with navy bottom cabinets. Alternatively, pick an overarching color accentuated with a less imposing color. A set of gray cabinets coupled with white accent cabinets transforms a cool, monotone palette into something more dynamic. 

Pick Colors That Evoke Emotions

Navy blue is a popular color for eliciting a breathtaking emotional response in many contemporary designs. Select navy blue cabinets to create an atmosphere of royalty, majesty, and mystery. Combine them with jewel-toned backsplash or accents featuring hushed, natural shades for a dynamic, vivacious aesthetic.

You could also go in the opposite direction by choosing hushed grays to complement your new navy blue cabinets. No matter the route you choose, make sure your color selection welcomes family and friends into your kitchen. 

Experiment with Color Trends

Understanding how to choose kitchen cabinet colors means studying kitchen cabinet color trends. Many homeowners experiment with using two or three colors for their kitchen cabinets. However, your current design may not accommodate that many.

Study color wheels, palettes, and photos of remodeling work to figure out what might work best for your kitchen. You can also speak with a kitchen designer for professional input.  

Color Choice Means More Than Color

Your creative efforts don’t end when you settle on a color. You should also analyze how your chosen color will work with other cabinet aspects, including:

  • Cabinet style
  • Trim
  • Door type
  • Cabinet location
  • How well do the cabinets blend with countertops, appliances, etc.

Ultimately, the process is about what you want to accomplish or change with your cabinets. 

Current Cabinetry Knows How to Choose Your Kitchen Cabinet Color

Want more assistance while you shop for cabinets? Our team at Current Cabinetry knows how to choose kitchen cabinet colors and can help Maryland homeowners, from cabinet countertop color combinations to understanding the nuances of dark vs. light kitchen cabinets. Reach out at 410-609-7077 for design assistance.

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