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Shaker style kitchen cabinets that are white and grey.

6 Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends To Consider for 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the home. You want to create a vibrant, inviting atmosphere that persuades visitors to hang up their coats and stay a while, enjoying good conversation and even better food. But choosing from the latest kitchen cabinet color trends often overwhelms a homeowner looking to update their style.

At Current Cabinetry, we focus on providing high-quality cabinets in Baltimore. Thus, our team calculates all the important factors when choosing a kitchen cabinet color. Below, you’ll learn from our experience about choosing the best trend for timeless cabinetry that charms all who enter.

#1 White 

White cabinets are a timeless classic that can blend with kitchen design trends as they evolve. Whether you appreciate the simplicity of minimalist styles or revel in sumptuous maximalism, you can’t go wrong with glowing white. How can white cabinets improve your kitchen design?

White is a color that balances a room, opening it up like a clean, empty canvas. Lighter colors naturally make a space seem more luminous as they reflect natural light that filters through the windows. They also harmonize beautifully with other, richer color schemes.

Your new white cabinets will reflect a modest, rural aesthetic when paired with a farmhouse-themed kitchen. Alternatively, they could elevate deeper colors by bringing cleaner, more refined surfaces and lines to the table.

Even kitchens with seemingly retro fashion choices can appear more modernized with brilliant white cabinets. They present a gleaming option to redefine how your family views time spent in the kitchen together. 

#2 Navy Blue

Navy blue is a bold color that magnifies the beauty and style of other features. It brings forth an atmosphere that reflects royalty, richness, and opulence. Like contrasting white cabinets, it also blends well with a diverse variety of colors.

For example, your kitchen may currently feature a backsplash with various jewel tones: shimmering azures, fiery crimsons, and sparkling magentas that bedazzle your kitchen walls with glimmers of subtle color. How can you select a color that brings these pigments together without creating a tacky, cosmic clash? A calm but regal navy blue may suit your current decor perfectly.

On the other hand, perhaps you want to dress your otherwise plain kitchen up with a pop of color. Like many homeowners, you might find darker tones intimidating. However, your kitchen features natural colors not unlike those found on a beach.

This sandy palette would blend perfectly with navy blue, adding oceanic depth to your otherwise sunny, beachy kitchen. It brings imaginative or bright color schemes back down to earth, making the overall scheme more relatable. 

#3 Gray

As a homeowner, you may view gray as boring or even dismal. When you picture gray on its own, you might conjure images of cloudy skies rife with storms. However, gray can either warm up or cool off a space, depending on the color with which you pair it.

It’s a popular choice for people who love the simplicity of white yet desire a shade that doesn’t show spills or stains as readily. It evokes a sense of inviting mystery without completely darkening or closing off a space. As one of the most preferred kitchen cabinet color trends, it possesses a versatility you won’t often find with other, more demanding colors.

The way gray works in your kitchen depends entirely upon the other colors used and how you want them to contribute. For example, you have a black countertop and white tile floors. Gray cabinets bring the two opposing shades together by adding deeper balance.

In kitchens with fine hardwood floors and gold trimming, gray cabinets will gently cool the color scheme without overpowering the initial presence held by warm, shiny golds and wood. Its subtlety cleanses the color palette without overindulgence or discord. 

#4 White and Navy Blue

If you want to experiment with more than one color, consider choosing both white and navy blue cabinets. White cabinets fastened to the walls pair beautifully with navy cabinets on fixtures like kitchen islands. The navy blue adds a pop of rich, tempting color among the clean, graceful white.

As the white cabinets make the kitchen feel and look larger and brighter, navy blue’s contrast creates depth and decadence that prevents the kitchen from looking flat and devoid of personal character. It can also provide a little warmth in an otherwise cool space.  

#5 White and Gray

Combining white cabinets with gray ones has a similar effect as a blend of white and navy blue. However, gray doesn’t announce its regal presence in the same manner as navy blue. Rather, it whispers softly to offset the white cabinets.

It can also make smaller kitchens feel more open and spacious than navy blue would. Since gray lives in the same zip code as white, it offers a more subtle balance to its unapologetically gleaming cousin. It quietly offsets the sterile intensity of a white cabinet set. 

#6 Navy Blue and Gray

Perhaps white cabinets look a little too clean and frigid for your tastes, but you still want a tastefully simple approach that magnifies your kitchen space. Combine navy blue with gray to achieve a lavish yet muted aesthetic.

Installing gray cabinets on your kitchen walls will help the area feel larger and cooler. Navy blue cabinets on your kitchen floor will deepen the space, making it richer and fuller. Alternatively, you can experiment with a singular cabinet color with contrasting accent cabinets at pivotal points in the kitchen’s layout.

Discover Sophisticated Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends at Current Cabinetry

At Current Cabinetry, we believe in sophisticated color palettes where each color elevates a new and exciting feature. Our team also values intricate cabinet designs at affordable prices. Thus, we provide nothing but the best in design assistance and products.

Experience our carefully developed process by requesting free design help from our team at 410-609-7077. We can help you understand the nuanced difference between dark and light kitchen cabinets and other kitchen cabinet color trends that will influence your final decision. 

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