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kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations

Eight Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Color Combinations to Try

The kitchen is one of the main gathering spots in any house and should have a cohesive interior design between the cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and other elements. If you need kitchen remodeling inspiration, you can’t go wrong with any of these kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations. Discover color coordination tips for cabinets that work seamlessly against various countertop options. 

In this guide, the experts at Current Cabinetry, the leading provider of premium kitchen cabinets in Baltimore, reveal beautiful kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations that you’ll want in your kitchen. 

How Cabinet Color Schemes Impact Your Interior Design

Before we dive into kitchen design ideas, it’s important to understand the vital role of cabinet-countertop color schemes. These features are what the eye immediately notices upon entering a kitchen, and the colors you select for each of them can actually impact someone’s mood. The psychological effects of colors lead people to feel a certain way simply by having a certain color surround them. 

In addition to influencing your mood, the colors you choose for your kitchen’s biggest features have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic of your space. Are you a fan of the traditional, farmhouse-style kitchen? An all-white color scheme contributes to the appeal of this style but doesn’t exactly work if your home has an industrial design. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations that fit your ideal aesthetic. Once you discover the color scheme that suits you best, you’ll enjoy spending time in your kitchen, making it a standout area of your home. 

Eight Kitchen Color Scheme Design Ideas You’ll Love

Are you looking for kitchen remodeling inspiration? Check out the ideas below and visualize each one in your space. With some careful consideration, you’ll be able to find the perfect color scheme for your kitchen. 

1. Navy and White

Blue remains one of the most popular colors to include in kitchens because of its versatility. Navy, in particular, works well as a dark color to pair with white countertops. It gives the kitchen dimension and charm which you can enhance with sleek hardware for the cabinetry. 

If you’re a fan of both contemporary and coastal design styles, this is one of the best kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations to bridge the gap. 

2. Cobalt and White

While navy works well as a cabinet color against white countertops, you might prefer a more vibrant aesthetic. Consider painting your cabinets a bright cobalt shade of blue for that extra “wow” factor. The kitchen will remain bright and airy, especially if you stick with white walls surrounding the cabinets. 

Ornate brass hardware provides the perfect finishing touch. Keep in mind that a bright color like cobalt could appear overwhelming at first. This color scheme might work best if you have lower cabinets only and use open shelves rather than upper cabinets. 

3. White and Black

When it comes to classic kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations, white cabinetry with a sleek, black countertop reigns supreme. The black counters hide stains, while white upper and lower cabinets keep the space bright and open. Choosing neutral colors for your kitchen gives it a timeless appeal regardless of the layout of your home. 

4. Green and White

Don’t worry about reverting back to midcentury interior design tips by mixing green cabinets with clean, white countertops. Many people undergoing a kitchen renovation want to stay away from the interior design trends of the past, such as avocado-colored kitchen appliances and cabinets. However, you can still use green throughout your kitchen without it being an eyesore. 

Opt for white countertops, such as a clean marble or quartz slab. This will give the kitchen a touch of brightness and act as the perfect complementary color to your cabinets. You can pair white countertops with nearly any shade of green, but some of the most popular options today include:

  • Sage green: With an earthy tone, sage cabinets work well in rustic spaces, such as farmhouses with wood flooring throughout the kitchen. 
  • Forest green: Opt for a deep forest green if you want your kitchen cabinets to stand out immediately. Add bronze hardware for a high-end look that works well in rustic cottages, contemporary spaces, and more. 
  • Pastel green: Coastal homes don’t always have to use shades of blue. A light, pastel green creates a unique, airy aesthetic with a touch of whimsy. 

5. White and Wood

Do you love the look of all-white cabinets but don’t want to pair them with a white countertop? Not everyone is a fan of colored countertops, so you might feel at a loss when it comes to designing your new kitchen. Thankfully, wood butcher block counters pair perfectly with white cabinets. 

Wood serves as one of the most durable countertop options and you can opt for a warm stain color to stand out against your cabinets. If you’re seeking kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations that create a charming farmhouse aesthetic, you can’t go wrong with choosing this design. 

6. Teal and Cream

Given the many options on this list, it’s no secret that shades of blue and white make for some of the best kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations. Rather than choosing a bold color like navy or cobalt against bright white counters, you can select a muted teal paint for your cabinets. Pairing it with cream-colored counters gives your kitchen a soft aesthetic that feels relaxed and inviting. 

You can enhance the space with a complementary backsplash and light floors. This color combination works well in any type of home, including:

  • Coastal cottages
  • Newly built houses
  • Traditional homes built in the mid-20th century

Another option is to choose teal as an accent color for kitchen island cabinets. You can select a more neutral color for your remaining cabinets and let the blue stand out and draw attention to the island. 

7. Light Gray and White

Neutral colors will always be an excellent option for kitchen designs. Just like white cabinets and black countertops pair well together, white countertops and light gray cabinets are another popular color combination. The color choices are both light in hue to make the kitchen brighter, but the gray cabinets offer dimension. 

Make the space stand out by selecting a gray paint with a slight silver appearance that will look wonderful in natural light. You can choose chrome hardware for a sleek final look. 

8. Two-Tone Cabinets 

Are you torn between multiple kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations? You don’t necessarily have to stick to one color only for your cabinets. After deciding on the type of countertop you want, you can paint two-tone cabinets for a cohesive interior design. 

Say you like neutral colors and decide to install white marble countertops with gray cabinetry. Painting your upper cabinets a lighter gray makes the space brighter, while a darker shade on your lower cabinets or island adds dimension. The key is to select two shades from the same color rather than different colors for your cabinets.

Get Trusted Interior Design Tips and Stunning Cabinetry for Your Kitchen 

The staff at Current Cabinetry are experts when it comes to kitchen cabinet countertop color combinations. You won’t have to figure out the answers to questions like “What are the best color cabinets for black granite countertops?” and “Which cabinet color works best in contemporary homes?”

Let our team equip your kitchen with beautiful cabinetry that makes a lasting impression. To schedule a design consultation, contact Current Cabinetry today at (410) 609-7077

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