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What to Do With Space Above Kitchen Cabinets: 4 Cool Ideas

Deciding how to decorate your kitchen is exciting but slightly overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure what to do with space above kitchen cabinets. The good news is there are a ton of options.

You don’t have to ignore the space and just commit to cleaning a thick layer of dust off it once a year. Consider maximizing functionality with features like a blind base cabinet that utilizes the available space efficiently while adding a practical storage solution to your kitchen design.

Below are some ideas to try instead. And if you want to install premium kitchen cabinets in Baltimore, a team like Current Cabinetry can manufacture custom cabinets. That way, you can extend your list of options to include open shelves or floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets for ample storage space.

Four Ideas for the Space Above Your Cabinetry

Display Vintage Kitchenware

The space between the tops of your cabinets and your ceiling is perfect for vintage kitchenware that you don’t want cluttering your countertops. If you still want to enjoy seeing your vintage Pyrex or Grandma’s multicolored Tupperware, it will fit perfectly and make for great conversation pieces.

Flex Your Green Thumb

If you don’t know what to do with the extra space above your cabinets, but you love plants, turn the top of your cabinets into an in-home garden. Grow vines, herbs, flowers, or whichever greenery you like that will thrive in low-light environments.

For those without a green thumb, a few faux plants will create a similar effect without the hassle of plant care.

Add Baskets for Extra Storage

This one is perfect for people who love thrifting baskets and end up with more woven goods than they know what to do with. Baskets that fit between the cabinets and the ceiling look charming and provide some extra storage space for things you don’t use but just can’t part with. 

In small spaces, storage space is even more valuable. Baskets hide what’s in them, so why not use the space for storing winter clothes or seasonal decor?

Cultivate An Art Collection

If you want daily inspiration, the space above your cabinets can serve as an art gallery for high-end art pieces and parents with more art class projects to display than room on the refrigerator. If you love to decorate, but you’re indecisive, temporarily display your current decor above the cabinets. There is also plenty of room up there to display framed prints without putting holes into the walls.

Keeping artwork high above the cooking area prevents grease splatters or water damage. And as your tastes change, you can just switch the old pieces out for new ones.

Ask About Direct Manufacturer Options For Extra Ideas

If you’re short on ideas, why not chat with local professionals? Plus, ordering from teams like Current Cabinetry in Baltimore, MD, means there is no middleman to slow things down. You’ll have your new cabinets faster so that you can start maximizing your space right away.

Custom Cabinet Manufacturing 

It’s always challenging to decide what to do with space above kitchen cabinets. Instead of treating it as wasted space, utilize your kitchen cabinet height to display vintage kitchenware, art, or dainty houseplants.

Contact Current Cabinetry online or by calling 410-609-7077 today.

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