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Are Floor-To-Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea?

Everyone has different preferences for their home’s style and layout, but have you considered floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets? This option could finally give you enough room to store your favorite kitchen gadgets or decorative Christmas plates with plenty of room to spare.

Current Cabinetry manufactures high-quality cabinets in Baltimore, with delivery inside your home in as little as three days. If you’re on the fence about floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, why not ask us to create a 3D rendering of your space? That way, you can visualize the exact cabinets you want for your kitchen without the hassle of samples shopping or showrooms.

Why Choose Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry?

Does it seem like kitchens never have enough storage space? Designing your own kitchen gives you the chance to designate as much room as you need for storage solutions. And space isn’t the only benefit of installing cabinets from the floor to the ceiling.

Maximize Vertical Space

Many kitchen cabinets don’t go all the way up to the ceiling, leaving big gaps of wasted space. You can store items in that space, but they create visual clutter and become dust magnets. If you extend the kitchen cabinet height to the ceiling, you solve the problem. 

Reclaim Your Counters

We all have random items that collect on our counters because there is no set place to store them. If you’re someone who gets in your own way as things accumulate, you could benefit from the ample storage space floor-to-ceiling cabinets provide.

Confidently Buy In Bulk

If you have a large family or don’t go shopping very often, you probably enjoy buying in bulk. How many times have you arrived home with a car full of bulk items, only to discover there’s no place to put it all? With a floor-to-ceiling cabinet design, you can buy as many diced tomatoes or school lunch snacks as you like.

Downsides to Floor-to-Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets

As with anything, there are some downsides to consider before you make your final decision on this type of cabinetry. 

The first is the amount of available space left in your kitchen. If your kitchen is already cozy, floor-to-ceiling cabinets could make it feel cramped. Not wanting to spend time in your kitchen is a result no one wants, so assess the dimensions carefully.

You should also consider the amount of natural light in your kitchen. If cabinets block the windows for a kitchen that’s dark all day long, the space won’t be remotely inviting. If you find that there’s nothing better than relaxing in the morning sunlight while drinking your coffee, extra storage space shouldn’t compromise that.

Manufacturer Direct Floor to Ceiling Cabinets 

Do you struggle with kitchen organization or finding a space for everything? Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets could offer easy solutions. They utilize the empty space above kitchen cabinets and free up counter space. 

Why not consider manufacturer direct cabinets with Current Cabinetry in Baltimore, MD? We cut out the middleman completely by selling directly to our clients. So, fill out our online form or call  410-609-7077 for free design help today!

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