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what color cabinets go with black granite countertops

What Color Cabinets Go With Black Granite Countertops?

Countless kitchens feature granite countertops because of the material’s durability and visual appeal. Opting for a sleek black countertop can make your kitchen look more luxurious but only if you pair it with elegant cabinetry. This begs the question: What color cabinets go with black granite countertops? 

The experts at Current Cabinetry, the leading provider of premium kitchen cabinets in Baltimore, are here to break down the best kitchen cabinet color ideas if you select black countertops for your kitchen. 

The Benefits of Granite Countertops

If you’re looking for a sturdy material to use for your kitchen counters, you can’t go wrong with granite slabs. This natural rock is widespread throughout the earth, making it one of the most popular options for construction projects. The material offers extreme durability and can withstand plenty of wear and tear that kitchen counters face, including:

  • Spills
  • Scratches
  • Heat 

Part of what makes granite so appealing to the masses is its unique designs. Each slab of granite features distinct grain patterns and flecks of crystallized material that give the slab a subtle shine. Adding a granite slab to your kitchen counters ensures you have a high-end design with unmatched durability. 

Cabinet Color Options That Suit Black Granite Countertops

What color cabinets go with black granite countertops? Color coordination in kitchens enhances the entire design, so it’s crucial that you select a cabinet color scheme that complements dark countertops. Check out popular black granite countertop combinations below if you need kitchen remodeling inspiration. 

Natural Wood Stain

Believe it or not, you don’t have to paint your cabinets for them to look great against a black countertop. Choosing a warm wood stain for the cabinetry creates less work for you or your contractor since painting the cabinets can take a while to complete. The black counters will instantly draw the eye and work well against the lighter wooden cabinets. 


It doesn’t get more classic than having white cabinets against black granite countertops. This color combination works well in both kitchens and bathrooms regardless of the type of design aesthetic you’re going for. A design expert will tell you that white and black cabinet and countertop pairings work in homes that go for the following styles:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Farmhouse
  • Coastal
  • And more

You can opt for stark white cabinets for a brighter kitchen with contrasting colors or paint the cabinets a softer shade, such as cream or off-white. 

Light Gray

Ask an expert, “What color cabinets go with black granite countertops?” and they’ll likely tell you that neutral cabinet colors work best. Your kitchen will have a simple yet appealing design when you opt for the following features:

  • Black granite countertops
  • Light gray cabinets
  • White walls
  • Black or dark gray backsplash
  • Stainless steel or black appliances

These neutral colors all complement each other without making the kitchen appear monotone or boring. You could also give the kitchen a vibrant detail by experimenting with a backsplash featuring a fun design or accent color. 


When wondering, “What color cabinets go with black granite countertops?” black may not be the first option that comes to mind. However, professional designers choose to pair black cabinets and countertops for a sleek, contemporary space. Keep the color scheme consistent by installing black appliances plus a black sink and faucet. 

The walls offer contrast in this scenario. A popular option to provide brightness throughout the kitchen is light wood walls. Painting window frames and other interior trim black will also help create a cohesive kitchen design. 

Dark Green

Bring earth tones into your kitchen by painting the cabinets a dark shade of green. Against a black granite countertop, the cabinetry won’t make the kitchen light and airy but rather stylish and sophisticated. It’s a bold color combination that works exceptionally well in homes with a rustic or woodsy aesthetic. 

If you’re worried about the darker cabinets blending in with the countertop, select ornate brass hardware finishes to give them the perfect finishing touch. 

Find the Right Cabinet Options for Your Kitchen at Current Cabinetry

What color cabinets go with black granite countertops? What kitchen cabinet countertop color scheme works best for your kitchen? The experts at Current Cabinetry can answer these questions and more. 

We offer a wide range of cabinet styles that work well in any home and can provide interior design tips if you’re struggling to come up with a vision for your space. Contact us today at (410) 609-7077 to get started with a free design consultation. 

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