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How Quality Cabinetry Can Transform the Look of your Kitchen

Does your kitchen feel a little outdated recently? Like many homeowners, you need a change but don’t want to dive headlong into an intensive remodeling process. At Current Cabinetry, we manufacture high-quality cabinets in Baltimore that might just do the trick.

Discover how quality cabinetry can revolutionize your entire kitchen

Add Depth With Contrasting Colors

When you first purchased your home, you might have made peace with some of the more unflattering aspects of it. For example, your kitchen may include countertops that closely match the cabinet colors. This isn’t a big concern in an otherwise fully functioning kitchen.

However, many homeowners get bored with this aesthetic over time. Shake things up by choosing a custom cabinet set that offsets the countertop. Explore rich, dark woods that pair well with light, neutral colors or vice versa. 

Modernize the Finishes

Cabinet doors with cathedral and other ornate designs can certainly make a timeless statement in the right environment. They work best in large, open kitchens with minimal design in other aspects. However, these design accents can overpower a smaller kitchen with other flourishes.

A modern approach applies visual balance to open up the space and elevate the atmosphere. If you have a smaller kitchen with ornate countertops or backsplashes, opt for quality custom cabinetry with a quieter, more neutral design. Cooler wood stains coupled with unembellished doors can improve a closed-in atmosphere. 

Customize Your Style Options

When shopping for a specific type of quality cabinetry, you might struggle to find something that hits all the right notes of fashion and function. The temptation to settle for a run-of-the-mill cabinet feels overwhelming. Take your ideas and desires to a custom cabinetry manufacturer instead.

You have reasons behind your specific ideas. For example, maybe your family members are prone to bumping their heads on cabinet corners. Or, maybe you want cabinet doors that open in a certain direction to maximize function.

Perhaps, you have a specific style in mind that would blend perfectly with the rest of your kitchen. Whatever the reason, a quality cabinet manufacturer can use your creative ideas to develop the perfect cabinet for your lifestyle and unique vision.  

Use Personalized Details

Once a contractor has installed your new cabinetry, you can take the design to the next level with a personal selection of cabinet hardware. Knobs, hinges, and glides can make or break how your new cabinetry works in your kitchen. You can test a few different types of hardware on the cabinets to find the perfect match.

Plus, you have endless options at your fingertips. Crystal, ceramic, and metal knobs come in numerous finishes. Explore your options to find the one that brings your kitchen together. 

Try Traditional Elements

Traditional designs like shaker cabinet door styles can blend well with more modern design approaches. Don’t shy away from experimenting with more traditional elements.

For example, you are the proud owner of a sleek, modern kitchen with a minimalist design. Despite this modern design, the kitchen feels cool and impersonal. Cathedral designs could enrich and add warmth to the space. You could also try simple square designs on each cabinet door with rich stains or paint colors that contrast the rest of the surface. 

Go Beyond Cosmetics

Many homeowners shop for new cabinets to refresh the kitchen’s aesthetic. However, the perfect cabinetry goes beyond cosmetics. You should also consider a design that improves your kitchen’s function.

Try cabinet doors with shelves installed on the other side to increase storage space without adding more cabinets to the equation. Research options like pull-out shelves and lazy susans for optimal storage with modernized accessibility. Consider your current problems and seek adequate design solutions.

Choose Cabinets That Elevate Other Features

During your shopping experience, you’ll consider countertops, backsplash, appliances, lighting, and other pertinent kitchen features before purchasing cabinetry. If you’ve already figured out how your new cabinets should function, answer the following questions to better discern your aesthetic needs: 

  • Does your kitchen feature numerous accents and patterns?
  • Does your kitchen use cooler colors than you’d like? Or would you prefer to use different shades?
  • Do you want to maximize natural or artificial light?
  • How do your appliances play into your kitchen plans?

The answers will help you identify the best approach. For example, say your kitchen features a rich backsplash, a window, and a busy countertop. Therefore, cabinetry with no surface designs and a soft, cool color will prevent your kitchen from looking even busier while enhancing the natural light that flows into the area.  

Let Proper Storage Do the Work

Speaking of busy kitchens, do you frequently use countertops as storage space? You might blame an accumulation of clutter or an untidy approach to kitchen chores. However, you might actually have a problem with storage space.

Proper storage effectively and effortlessly eliminates clutter and other storage struggles. A clean countertop allows more options for accents, designs, and other visual features. Explore your storage options with a custom cabinet manufacturer to improve your overall design.   

Neutralize Some Accents

Overbearing color combinations can seem passe. Unless you applied a professional design to your kitchen, intense colors or unignorable patterns can quickly overtake your entire room. Your eyes will struggle to take the banquet of contrasts in.

Use your new cabinets to neutralize those overbearing elements. Incorporating quieter, softer accents into a highly stylized kitchen can improve everyone’s experience. It also makes your kitchen a little more timeless.

For example, your kitchen might include cabinets with intense crimson or blue cabinets and a patterned countertop. Take it down a notch with cabinets that boast softer, more natural colors that complement other accents.

Transform your Kitchen With Quality Cabinetry from Current Cabinetry

Ready to choose quality cabinetry that perfectly fits your needs and dream designs? Discover endless options with our team at Current Cabinetry. We can help you choose the perfect set of cabinets and the best cabinet paint colors for your kitchen design.

Call us at 410-609-7077 to shop with us. 

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