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shaker vs raised panel cabinets

Shaker vs. Raised Panel Cabinets: Which Is Better for Your Kitchen?

The shape of your kitchen cabinets and even the door styles add to or subtract from the aesthetic you desire. Even the smallest design changes can shape the appearance of your kitchen. So, while some homeowners may not care about the difference between Shaker vs. raised panel cabinets, the differences do present varying visual effects.

What is the difference between Shaker cabinets vs. raised panel cabinets? Here, we’ll explore their panel designs, cleaning requirements, and other features you need to know.

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What Are Shaker Cabinet Doors?

Shaker-style cabinet doors, constructed by a group called the Shakers, have a minimalistic style that fits into modern kitchens. It has a cope-and-stick construction, with two short rails, two longer stiles, and a single recessed panel. Shaker doors have no carvings, complicated designs, or ornaments, relying purely on their geometric shape for style.

Because of their simplicity, Shaker-style cabinets come in many different types of hardwood, including ash, birch, and chestnut. You can add various finishes to the wood, though the more natural it looks, the better it accentuates the style. The best hardware to add to the doors, if any, tends to be equally simplistic, reducing costs without reducing the aesthetic.

What Are Raised Panel Cabinet Doors?

Shaker cabinets emphasize simplicity. On the other hand, raised panel cabinets aim to make your kitchen design stand out, especially if you know how to style them. Instead of allowing the cabinets to stay part of the backsplash, it contributes to a more stylish environment.

As kitchens became more than a sink, a preparation table, and a stove in the 1920s, new cabinet door designs made the area more inviting. It takes the simplicity of Shaker cabinets and adds new miters to the stiles and ridges. On top of the base panel, a smaller raised panel has molding around it to soften the edges.

When it comes to Shaker vs. raised panel cabinets, a raised panel design gives you more etching and decorative additions. The ridges and stiles can also have arches or other changes to personalize the door’s design. You can use finishes that cover more of the natural wood look and still have a stylish cabinet door.

How To Choose Your Favorite Door

Shaker vs. raised panel doors may look like a simple choice. However, you should choose the door that best suits your budget and aesthetic desires.

The Price

Shaker cabinets, or recessed panel cabinet doors, tend to cost less than raised panel cabinet doors. The panel design on raised panel doors requires more work to design and may take slightly longer to install. However, unless you want exceptionally extravagant doors, neither type will cost much more than other options on the market.

The Appearance

Because the Shaker lifestyle emphasized simplicity, the results of what they constructed were the same. Kitchens that want a more modern or farmhouse appearance may like Shaker cabinets more. You can accentuate its style when these cabinet doors feature frosted or wavy glass as the middle panel.

On the other hand, raised panel doors have an element of opulence or traditionalism attached to them. They suit kitchens in older households with other traditional pieces and can bring out the beauty of nearby colors even more.

The Cleaning

Shaker vs. raised panel cabinets have similar cleaning needs. Some may find cleaning harder for the latter than the former. While both door styles require more detailed cleaning to ensure you hit all the corners, the raised panel has more corner areas.

You must be careful not to use excessively strong cleaners on either door, as it could mess up the coating. Paint thinner, strong solvent cleaners, and mineral spirits can seep into the wood through the protective layer, causing kitchen problems. Many resources online give out tips on how to clean wood cabinets without damaging the finish.

Need Help Choosing Your Cabinet Doors?

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