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what are semi-custom cabinets

What Are Semi-Custom Cabinets?

Your cabinets serve as the focal point of your kitchen so it’s crucial to install cabinetry of exceptional quality and visual appeal. Many homeowners think that custom cabinetry is the only way to add flair to their kitchens, but another option exists if you don’t want to stick with stock cabinets. What are semi-custom cabinets and are they right for you? 

Experts at Current Cabinetry, the top source of kitchen cabinets in Baltimore, reveal everything you need to know about semi-custom cabinets in this helpful guide. Discover some of the biggest benefits of these cabinets and why they make a good investment for any homeowner in need of a kitchen makeover. 

Understanding Semi-Custom Cabinets

What are semi-custom cabinets? As the name implies, this form of cabinetry bridges the gap between custom and stock designs. You might face a few dilemmas when installing new cabinets that make you feel like you have no worthwhile solution. 

Stock cabinets come straight from the manufacturer which makes them far more affordable than other cabinet resources. They come ready to install but have limitations when it comes to the size, color, and finishes of the cabinets. If your kitchen layout won’t accommodate the factory-direct option or you prefer a different style, you can opt for custom cabinets, though this project requires a hefty budget. 

Semi-custom cabinets offer the best of both worlds. They blend the affordability of stock cabinets with the unique details of custom cupboards. Putting semi-custom cabinets in your kitchen can transform your home renovation without straining your budget. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Semi-Custom Cabinets

What are semi-custom cabinets? How much customization do they offer? Why should you consider semi-custom cabinetry for your home?

Discover the basics of this form of cabinetry below. Having a full understanding of this product can help you make an informed decision before you commit to installing brand-new cabinets in your kitchen. 

Semi-Custom Upgrades Make for a Smart Investment

According to the latest statistics on kitchen improvements, homeowners allocate the highest percentage of their budget to replacing the cabinets. Brand-new cabinetry costs an average of $6,700, while homeowners spend roughly $4,600 on installation and labor costs. The least expensive aspects of a kitchen renovation are new appliances and countertops with an average price of $3,800 and $2,700, respectively. 

The same industry statistics show that despite cabinetry being the most expensive to replace, kitchen improvements have a sizable return on investment. The National Association of Realtors reports that renovating the entire kitchen comes with a 75% return on investment while making select upgrades, such as replacing the cabinets or appliances, will have a return on investment of 67%. 

Semi-Custom Cabinets Give You Design Flexibility

What are semi-custom cabinets if not an extension of your home’s aesthetic? Stock cabinets don’t always have the options you’re looking for to make your kitchen unique but you can partially customize the following elements:

  • Sizing
  • Hardware finishes
  • Paint color and stains

Say you like the style of box cabinets but the manufacturer only offers them in neutral colors instead of the earth tones you want to complement your rustic-style kitchen. Rather than taking on a paint project yourself or paying extra for custom cabinetry, opt for semi-custom cabinets to meet your needs and stay within budget. 

You can also make small changes to the door style before installing cabinets in your home. If you prefer the look of raised panel doors but a stock design only features the shaker style, it’s easy to swap out the basic style for one that you feel better suits your space. 

You Can Make Your Kitchen More Functional 

Cabinetry not only ties your kitchen design together but provides you with the storage space you need for all of your dishware and cooking equipment. You don’t have to pay for fully custom cabinets if a stock design doesn’t offer enough shelving or lacks built-in organizers. 

Experts can make small changes to stock cabinets to accommodate your storage needs. You’ll transform your kitchen’s look without compromising its functionality. Reach out to a cabinet provider near you to request upgrades to a cupboard’s depth, shelving, and other storage components. 

Customized Cabinets Aren’t Readily Accessible

Along with “What are semi-custom cabinets?” one of the most common questions homeowners have on the subject is “How long do cabinets take to install?” Choosing a supplier like Current Cabinetry for factory-made stock cabinets means having new cupboards installed in as little as one day since manufacturers don’t have to make any changes to the design. Opting for semi-custom cabinets can delay your renovation project because you’ll need time to bring any changes to life. 

Depending on the upgrades you want to make, it might not take long for your cabinets to be ready for installation. Changing the hardware, for example, takes less time to complete than making updates to the finishes, paint color, and sizing. 

Not only will this solution give you some flexibility in terms of customization but it generally takes less time to install than custom cabinets. If you’re not in a rush to complete your renovation, consider adding semi-custom cabinets to your kitchen. 

Quality Doesn’t Differ Between Semi-Custom and Custom Cabinets

If you’re wondering, “What are semi-custom cabinets, and how do they compare to custom cabinets?” you’ll be happy to know that both options feature high-quality materials. Many people believe that stock or semi-custom cabinets won’t last as long as custom-made cabinetry. However, all options feature durable materials that can withstand several years of use.

The main difference between custom and semi-custom cabinets lies in the use of solid wood. Cabinet makers building custom pieces construct the boxes and doors with sturdy, solid wood, including:

  • Oak
  • Hickory
  • Cherry
  • Maple

Semi-custom cabinets don’t use solid wood but this doesn’t mean they’re less durable than the more expensive option. Manufacturers use a combination of veneered particle boards and real wood to construct their cabinets. These materials can last for decades with proper care, though the craftsmanship in custom pieces tends to shine through long after installation. 

Homeowners Must Consider Several Factors Before Choosing Semi-Custom Cabinets

Selecting cabinets for your kitchen requires careful thought and consideration. You must assess the following components before making a decision:

  • Cost: Creating a budget helps you determine the type of cabinets that you can realistically put In your kitchen. If you aren’t able to fund high-end custom cabinets, the cost of semi-custom cabinets could align with your budget and give you the benefits that stock cabinets don’t provide. 
  • Kitchen layout: Be mindful that semi-custom cabinets have slightly more dimension than stock options but don’t always fit every kitchen space. Measuring your kitchen and configuring a cabinet layout can help you narrow down the best cabinet choice for you. 
  • Design aesthetic: Does your kitchen have a more traditional or contemporary design? Do you like rustic-style kitchens or eclectic spaces? Your design preference dictates the options available to you with stock designs. 

Discover High-Quality Cabinets in Baltimore

After reading this guide, you no longer have to wonder, “What are semi-custom cabinets?” If you’re looking for unique cabinet details to use in your home or aren’t sure how to select a design that suits your aesthetic, turn to the experts at Current Cabinetry. We offer a wide range of stunning and functional cabinet designs that add value to any Baltimore home. 

Contact us today to discuss your renovation project and how we can transform your kitchen with brand-new cabinets. Explore our inventory online and call (410) 609-7077 to speak with a specialist. 

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