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A Brief Guide to Shaker Cabinet Door Styles

Shaker cabinet door styles attract numerous homeowners. Their presentation elicits an atmosphere of elegance and minimalism. But are they the right choice for your kitchen?

As a manufacturer of quality cabinets in Baltimore, we’ve provided a brief guide to choosing shaker cabinet doors. 

What are Shaker Cabinets?

Shaker cabinets are a variety of kitchen cabinets that incorporate a recessed center panel. Square outer edges surround this panel. Shaker cabinets don’t incorporate any other design features.

This simplistic kitchen cabinet door offers a blank canvas for other design features like color, stains, and hardware to take center stage. In addition, this modern style also includes elements like clean lines and unmatched symmetry. 

Benefits of Shaker Cabinets

Shaker cabinets come with numerous advantages when properly installed in any home. The most obvious benefit is visual simplicity that won’t overpower other design elements in your kitchen. Despite their basic design, they also come in a few iterations of their original design.

All quality cabinetry boasts superior durability, and shaker cabinets are no different. A reputable cabinet manufacturer uses solid wood to create the cabinets. Plus, the flat, smooth surface reflects natural light to illuminate your kitchen more than other styles. 

Types of Shaker Cabinet Door Styles

You’ll choose from a few shaker cabinet door styles with subtle differences. The most common door styles include: 

  • Full overlay: The cabinet door fully covers the cabinet frame. This style works well for extra shelving on the other side of the door. 
  • Partial overlay: While the cabinet door covers the opening, it doesn’t completely cover the frame. This style can add depth and texture to your kitchen design. 
  • Inset: The cabinet door fits perfectly inside the door opening for a uniform, flat surface. Homeowners with a more minimalist approach to design will appreciate this style. 

Shaker Cabinet Designs

You’ll encounter at least five variations of shaker cabinet designs. Each has a unique impact on your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. The most common shaker designs include:

  • Traditional: Traditional shaker designs might include beveled edges that draw the eye to the recessed panel. This design pairs well with lighter, more natural colors.   
  • Farmhouse: This design takes a more rustic, blockier approach. It places function before fashion and looks best with exposed wooden surfaces. 
  • Transitional: A transitional style will incorporate elements from traditional or farmhouse and modern styles. If you have a modern kitchen design, transitional cabinets can nicely offset the sleek appearance.
  • Modern: This design minimizes the classic lines’ appearance. They provide a sleek, cool aesthetic. 
  • Skinny: The center panel is shallow but takes up more door space. The panel’s framing is thin. Skinny designs offer another option for a modern aesthetic.

Find the Perfect Cabinet Styles with Current Cabinetry

High-quality shaker cabinets are a favorite of ours at Current Cabinetry. We carry and customize a variety of shaker cabinet door styles to match any customer’s unique tastes. Our team can also help you select paint colors for cabinets that won’t clash with our design elements.

Call us at 410-609-7077 to learn more about cabinet inventory today.

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