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How To Clean Wood Cabinets in Your Kitchen: Do’s and Don’ts

Do you know how to clean wood cabinets in your kitchen the proper way? As the number-one provider of Baltimore’s high-quality cabinets, we know the best way to care for natural wood cabinetry so it remains clean and durable. Whether you have light wood kitchen cabinets or a darker stain, these tips will keep your cabinetry looking its best, allowing you to make informed choices about design elements such as vertical vs horizontal grain kitchen cabinets.

Learn the dos and don’ts of cleaning kitchen cabinets in this helpful guide.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Wood Cabinets

Your wood cabinets will look pristine when you know the proper way to clean and organize them. Avoiding the following scenarios will make a huge difference in your cabinets’ overall appearance. 

Getting the Cabinetry Too Wet

Wooden cabinets and moisture aren’t a good combination. If you use too much moisture while cleaning your cabinets, it can seep into the wood and cause it to deteriorate. Spray a cloth with your cleaning agents so it is slightly damp but not soaking. 

It’s also important to avoid any moisture around the hinges since they can rust. Wipe away any grime on the hinges with a dry cloth to protect the metal. 

Missing Non-Wooden Surfaces

In addition to wiping your hinges, make sure you also include any glass inlets and hardware in your cleaning project. These areas can accumulate grease and grime, so never ignore them while cleaning your cabinets. 

How To Clean Wood Cabinets in Your Kitchen Properly

During your kitchen tune-up, give your cabinets the best care with the following tips. You’ll achieve the best results when you take the time to incorporate these steps. 

Use Baking Soda for Grease Removal

You should use a gentle cleaning agent each time you tackle your dirty cabinets. However, if stubborn grease stains remain on the surface, you can try a baking soda paste to lift the stain. Mix one part baking soda and two parts water, apply the paste to the area, and wait a few minutes before wiping it off. 

Strategically Wipe and Scrub Your Cabinets

Some parts of the cabinet are hard to reach to remove dirt from them with a rag. You can use a toothbrush to scrub these places and carefully remove grime.

When you’re wiping the area with a cloth, make sure to wipe from the top down to avoid any soap residue dripping down the front of the cabinet. Give the whole cabinet a final wipe after you finish to remove any traces of dirt or grime. 

Clean Often

Even if you rarely cook, your kitchen still needs regular cleaning. Make it a habit to frequently clean the surfaces of your kitchen, including your cabinets, to improve your living space. 

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