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Should Your Wood Floors Be Lighter or Darker Than Your Cabinets at Home?

Do you need new cabinets but aren’t sure which color you should choose based on your flooring? Interior design professionals often hear homeowners ask, “Should wood floors be lighter or darker than cabinets?” Current Cabinetry, the leading cabinet installer in Baltimore, is here to provide an answer.

Design Considerations To Remember When Shopping for New Cabinets

How often are you planning on cleaning your wood kitchen cabinets? Remember that dirt and grime stand out more against lighter colors and may require more maintenance. In addition, you need to understand how to organize cabinets if you choose a style with glass inlets.

One of the most important things you can do is determine the overall aesthetic of the space and find ways for your kitchen floor and cabinets to complement each other. This includes keeping the following in mind.


Is your kitchen always beaming with natural light, or is it one of the darker spaces in your home? The amount of lighting the space receives should influence your decision. A naturally bright area will achieve balance with darker flooring or cabinets, while darker spaces could appear brighter with lighter floors and cabinets. 

Color Cohesion vs. Contrast

Some homeowners prefer their interior design to be cohesive and feature a similar color scheme throughout the space. Others like to have contrasting colors present to make the space stand out. Whatever style suits you should determine the material you select. 

However, designers urge against choosing the exact same shade for both cabinets and floors. A two-tone effect can make the room look more balanced and appealing. 

Should Wood Floors Be Lighter or Darker Than Cabinets?

Luckily, there’s no strict design rule you need to follow when selecting your cabinet and flooring colors. You should pick a design that fits your own personal preference. Check out some of the pros around choosing light and dark cabinets for your kitchen.

Benefits of Lighter Cabinets

Light cabinets and floors can make your kitchen feel bigger and brighter, no matter its size or natural lighting. Choosing a lighter-tone cabinet will give off a clean appearance that can contrast with darker floors. In addition, you can combine light cabinets with dark wood floors to make your kitchen feel more cozy. 

Benefits of Darker Cabinets

Dark cabinets add a dramatic effect to any kitchen, especially if you pair them against lighter wood floors. You’ll enjoy a sleek, contemporary design with dark cabinets and can dress them up with ornate hardware. Explore your creativity with this style of cabinet, and choose dark cabinets if you prefer a less traditional design.

Select New Kitchen Cabinets Through Current Cabinetry

Thanks to this guide, you’ll no longer have to wonder, “Should wood floors be lighter or darker than cabinets?” Count on Current Cabinetry to provide you with high-quality cabinets that enhance your space. We’ll bring to life any ideas for light wood cabinets you have and equip your kitchen with new cabinets in days.

Call us at (410) 609-7077 to learn more.

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