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Warranty Policy

Current Cabinetry warrants its cabinets against manufacturing defects in material and quality to the original purchaser for as long as they own their home. This warranty is for products used in residential settings only, and for typical residential use, is valid ONLY in the continental US, and is non-transferable in the event you sell your home. Proof of purchase is required to submit any warranty claim.

Limitations of the Warranty

The warranty only applies, when cabinets and accessories were assembled and installed properly according to what Current Cabinetry deems to be the common standard/practice adhered to by kitchen and bath industry professionals. These common standards/practices include but are not limited to: the correct type and number of fasteners being used for assembly of the cabinet as well as installation, proper clearances for cabinet doors and walkways are adhered to, cabinets are mounted at the correct heights from the finished flooring, and local building code requirements are met.

It is also required that the cabinets be properly stored in an indoor, climate-controlled environment such as an insulated garage, storage unit, or home. This warranty is null and void if the cabinets are not properly installed or maintained. 

Warranty Exclusions

Current Cabinetry does not warranty any products against the following: normal wear and tear, misuse, exposure to extreme temperatures such as cabinets in contact with or near ovens when self-cleaning cycle is used, severe high/low humidity, water damage such as damage to cabinets resulting from exposure to water like steam and wet mopping, chips in painted finishes near knobs or pulls as they typically result from contact with fingernails and jewelry, intentional damage, customer modifications not made by Current Cabinetry, improper storage/handling/installation, fire, smoke, smoking, acts of God, or exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaning agents.

Additional conditions excluded from the warranty include the following conditions discussed in paragraphs numbered 1-3:

  1. Tolerances – Sizes specified for cabinets, accessories, and parts are subject to variations within specific tolerances. Wood will naturally expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. Therefore, sizes may vary up to 1/4″.
  2. Expansion and Contraction of Wood – Because wood naturally absorbs moisture from the air, it constantly adjusts to the variations in relative humidity. We recommend maintaining a relative humidity of 40% within your home to help prevent the shrinkage and/or expansion of the cabinets in your home.
  3. Joints and Seams – Seams can be visible on face frames and 5-piece door and drawer fronts, even when painted. Wood joints will naturally expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature (i.e., changes in season) which can cause cracks in the joints and would not be considered defects. 

Cabinet Finishes

The appearance of any finish on wood will be affected by wood species, color, grain, lighting, aging, depths, angles of door profiles, and sanding processes. In addition, plywood such as that in cabinet panels will accept finishes differently than solid wood such as that in doors, frames, trims and moldings.  Additionally, environmental influences such as moisture, humidity, smoke, etc. can have adverse effects on cabinet finishes and paint. 

Warranty Claims

Current Cabinetry will determine if the product is repairable or replaceable when a warranty claim is made. Warranty claims do not include any costs associated with the removal or replacement of products.

If a defect covered by warranty is found, we will, at our discretion, either replace or repair the defective cabinet, defective accessory, or the defective parts. Only the faulty/defective components will be repaired or replaced. Such repair or replacement of the defective cabinet or accessory is the sole remedy available to you concerning any warranty claim submitted. All parts other than those repaired or replaced will remain as is.

Due to ever changing technology and industry styles, we update our cabinet door styles, finish/color options, hinges, drawer glides, SKU offering, etc., regularly. This means all Current Cabinetry products are subject to being discontinued at any time, with or without notice. For this reason, replacement cabinets or accessories may differ/vary from the original product purchased. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that replacements will be exact duplicates of the defective item(s) in your warranty claim.

If an product or cabinet to be replaced has been discontinued, or is no longer manufactured by Current Cabinetry, it will no longer covered under the warranty. However, if there is a similar or comparable product or cabinet to the item being claimed available, this will be offered as a replacement.

To file a warranty claim, please email:  with your proof of purchase.  If you purchased our products from a professional not directly associated with Current Cabinetry such as a contractor, builder, designer, etc., we recommend having the account holder submit the warranty claim.

Incidental and Consequential Damage

This warranty shall become void if the cabinets are in any way modified after purchase, improperly assembled or installed, or damaged before or during the installation. This also disclaims products utilized in any application other than the standard use application for that item.

Current Cabinetry is NOT responsible for any labor cost, installation cost, or to remove and reinstall materials and related components.


This warranty is limited solely to material supplied by Current Cabinetry.