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How to Choose the Perfect Cabinet Paint Colors

Upgrading cabinetry is an easy way to give your kitchen a fresh look. Whether you’re planning a complete remodel or just changing the cabinets, choosing the perfect cabinet paint colors sets the tone for the space. Here, our experts at Current Cabinetry, the leading maker of custom cabinets in Baltimore, share advice and tips for choosing the perfect color palette to bring your vision for the kitchen to life. 

What to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Your personal preference and taste are the priority when choosing paint colors. Cabinets are the focal point of the kitchen, and it doesn’t matter if a color palette is trendy or a favorite among designers — if you don’t like it, it’s not right for your home. 

With that in mind, you can select pleasing colors and guarantee an attractive kitchen if you consider the following:

Kitchen Cabinet Style

Traditional cabinets, such as those with Shaker cabinet doors, look great when painted in neutral colors that allow the details to stand out. Consider crisp white, light gray, dark gray, or greige (a combination of gray and beige) for the cabinets, then add color to the room with accents. If you choose a more modern cabinet style, consider a bolder hue, like a bright sunny yellow or deep red, which won’t compete with the cabinetry details.

Keep in mind that if you plan to sell your home soon, neutral colors like light gray tend to be most appealing to buyers.

Kitchen Size and Lighting

Since the cabinets are such a dominant feature of the kitchen, their color significantly influences the overall feel and tone of the space. In general, darker colors make spaces feel smaller, so avoid very dark kitchen cabinets unless the room receives plenty of natural light. This doesn’t mean you can only use white or cream; light gray kitchen cabinets or muted shades of your favorite colors can still look fresh without making the room feel small.

Existing Elements 

If you aren’t renovating the entire kitchen, then choose cabinet paint colors to coordinate with existing countertops, flooring, appliances, and wall colors. Compare paint options to the existing elements in the room and choose a complementary or contrasting paint color for an attractive design. If you plan to paint the kitchen walls, choose a cabinet color that coordinates with the new shade.

Go with Multiple Tones

Two-toned cabinets allow you to add color to the space without overwhelming it. Choose a lighter shade or crisp white for the top cabinets and a darker or bolder hue for the lower cabinets for a timeless look.

Visit Current Cabinetry for Inspiration

Homeowners throughout the Baltimore, MD, area trust our professionals at Current Cabinetry for high-quality solid wood cabinets. When you need help transforming your home with quality cabinetry, our expert team can help you select the perfect style and cabinet paint colors and deliver your new cabinets directly from our warehouse within three days. Experience our commitment to customer service and exceptional quality by calling today at (410) 609-7077.

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