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Designing a Kitchen With White Shaker Cabinets: 7 Ideas

In the late 19th century, a religious group known as the Shakers or Shaking Quakers began producing well-designed, minimalistic furniture, such as shaker cabinets, emphasizing simplistic beauty. Now, centuries later, they have become the go-to design choice, especially in traditional kitchens. But what are they really, and how can you style your kitchen with white shaker cabinets?

Our Current Cabinetry team may not have been around to see their creation, but you can always count on our stellar manufacturing professionals to create (from scratch) the classic look loved by so many homeowners. Since 2017, we’ve been producing high-quality cabinets in Baltimore with upscale finishes and fixtures, no matter the cabinet type or design. Trust us to relay the information you need. 

What Are Shaker Cabinets?

Before we delve into types, let’s take a look at what shaker cabinets are. Shaker cabinets have a minimalistic design with clean lines that make up the square or rectangular edges. Within this shape, there’s a raised or recessed square or rectangle center panel that the larger shape frames. 

Because these cabinets are not ornate, they fit into almost any kitchen interior design style, from farmhouse and rustic to modern and contemporary. However, to make them more personalized to better fit into their surroundings, we’ll break down our top seven white shaker cabinet ideas for your abode. 

1. Pure White Cabinets With Black Fixtures 

If you like the look of clean, bright white cabinets but want to add some slight depth to your kitchen without the latter taking over, consider black fixtures. Matte black doorknobs and handles on your cabinets and matching drawers create enough contrast via an achromatic color scheme for a modern-style home. 

You can choose larger fixtures that serve as attention-grabbers to break up the monotony of a single-hue kitchen. Otherwise, maintain a more sleek, minimalistic aesthetic with smaller pieces of black hardware. 

2. Add a Black Island in Front of Your White Shaker Cabinets 

If you need more contrast, then consider adding it elsewhere to bring the heart of your home together. A black or dark-hued island that looks near-black serves as your kitchen’s centerpiece against a backdrop of white. However, we suggest leaving the island countertop white to pull your island and cabinet designs together. 

You should also consider incorporating black overhead lighting fixtures and dark island stools or chairs to complete this darker focal point in the foreground. 

3. Go Half and Half 

If you want to take the contrast a step further, consider designing your kitchen with white shaker cabinets overhead and pairing them with darker shaker base cabinets. The latter can be a matte black, navy blue, forest green, or any other deep color, depending on the rest of your kitchen or home layout. 

Doing this creates an airy feel since white gives the illusion of spaciousness, while the darker base cabinets prove more grounding. If you have an island, match it to your white shaker cabinets for a more open floorplan feel and contrast. Going half and half produces an elegant, chic style with an air of luxury. 

4. Alter White Undertones

Sometimes, white can be too harsh a hue for spaces where you want to add warmth since the cool undertone may be offputting. However, you may still want to keep that simplistic appearance, so consider a warmer undertone. Warmer ivory or cream hues with yellow or pink undertones (as opposed to blue or gray) reduce the possibility of instilling a hospital-like feel to your home. 

Even if you want to go with a cooler white for your cabinets, soften them up with the following ideas for surrounding areas:

  • Repaint walls with off-white, eggshell, or other hues that closely resemble white, peach, or tan
  • Add limestone or marble countertops since they house neutral colors like beige, brown, and gray
  • Add warm-undertoned fixtures or accessories (stools, chairs, or drapes) around the cabinets

5. Wall-To-Wall Cabinets

Shaker-style homes include more than sleek lines and a minimalistic approach. They include plenty of storage space, which means wall-to-wall cabinetry is a great way to stay in line with this design style choice. The uniform shaker kitchen cabinets may take up slightly more wall space than if you chose to hang a few over certain countertops, but they allow more storage for large families and culinary experts. 

In this case, your countertop backsplash is the only area of your walls that remains visible, so if you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen, consider painting this space in between a darker color to separate your top and bottom cabinets. However, if you want everything white, almost like an extension of your white walls, try a warm-undertoned white for a subtle difference. 

You should also contemplate other materials, like subway tile, wallpaper, or granite, which introduce a similar or contrasting texture as well as color and shade into your kitchen with white shaker cabinets. 

6. Glass Inlets

While white cabinet doors are a great way to add a spacious feel to your kitchen, nothing visually extends the room like glass inlets. The glass shaker cabinet design encompasses a traditional outer frame look that you can make white. However, the smaller rectangular or square inlet is transparent, so you can see all the way to the back of the cabinet, giving your kitchen more depth. 

Whether you’re displaying fine china or ornaments and knicknacks, glass inlets also allow you to show your personality. You can add as much or as little as you want behind the glass, depending on whether you want to take an ornate or minimalistic approach. To take it one step further, add LED lights on the top of each cabinet’s interior to create a spotlight effect on these items.

Aside from what you place in the cabinets, you should also pay attention to the cabinet’s interior color scheme. You may want to stick with white interior walls and shelves to stay in line with the traditional white shaker cabinet appeal. But you can also take this opportunity to add some color, especially if there’s little contrast around the rest of your kitchen. 

7. Tall Shaker Cabinets Surrounding Floating Shelves

Interior cabinet shelves are not the only ones you should concern yourself with since you may have floating shelves (such as above your sink or stovetop) and tall, rectangular shaker cabinets surrounding them. These floating shelves provide twice as much storage space without making your kitchen feel smaller.

Best of all, there are numerous ways to incorporate them into your kitchen design. For instance, if you paint them white to match your kitchen with white shaker cabinets, create a black accent wall behind the floating shelves for contrast. Otherwise, paint the floating shelves black, leaving the wall and attaching cabinets white. In this case, choose a darker countertop to bring out the deep backdrop.

However, if you prefer an untainted white appearance with white countertops, shelves, cabinets, and walls, choose different shades of white with separate undertones and add color elsewhere. You can add anything, from brown wood flooring to painted ceilings and leather seats around your island. 

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