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Do I Need a Permit to Replace Kitchen Cabinets in Baltimore?

Getting new kitchen appliances or additions can cost a lot of money, so you may want to try DIY installation tactics. However, you also wouldn’t want to make an illegal alteration to your property by accident. You must obtain a permit for many kitchen remodeling projects.

That being said, Maryland residents don’t always need a permit for every DIY kitchen modification. While searching for high-quality cabinets in Baltimore, you might wonder, “Do I need a permit to replace kitchen cabinets?” Our team at Current Cabinetry knows what you need to safely and legally install new cabinets.

Building Permits and Why You Need Them

Building permits allow the Baltimore government to ensure your project meets federal, state, and local building codes. Many residential property alterations need to meet these codes for the health and safety of the building’s occupants. 

Not meeting building codes has detrimental consequences since natural disasters and poor construction can decimate the property. Meanwhile, building codes could help homeowners easily avoid heavy losses. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) compiled a report in November 2020. One prominent point included that the country could reduce over $132 billion in construction losses over the next 20 years. Consistently following modern property codes keeps people safe and well-housed.

How to Get a Building Permit

Contact your local building office and describe your project to obtain a building permit. From there, the employees can tell you if you will need a permit for the job. If you do, they will give you a form that outlines how to apply and pay for it.

Keep in mind that some jobs require multiple passes. For example, if you intend to remodel your entire kitchen, you may need a plumbing, carpentry, and electrical permit. Each one will cover the system you or a contractor intends to alter and keep within code.

Once you have the application and materials prepared, you can submit it to the licensing office along with permit fees. If you receive approval, they will issue you an official permit for your construction work. If you hire a contractor, they usually do this entire process for you rather than you working on it yourself.

The Business About Building Permits

Do you need a building permit for every alteration you make to your property? No, but certain jobs require them, and you should be careful about remodeling your kitchen.

If you install something that doesn’t meet the code and an accident happens, they could hold you liable for property issues. However, depending on the size, location, and scope of the new work, you may not need a permit for kitchen cabinet replacements.

In many cases, replacing kitchen cabinetry doesn’t involve contact with electrical or gas connections. You can also find tutorials to help you install the new cabinet with ease. Because of these factors, you could go to the home improvement store and start getting your tools.

Permit Not Needed? Still Contact an Expert

Now that you’re done wondering, “Do I need a permit to replace kitchen cabinets?” you might be eager to start your remodel. After all, replacing cabinets could be a fun and exciting home improvement project. Even so, we suggest contacting an expert, even if you don’t need a permit for your remodeling job.

DIY remodeling may seem to cost less at first, but the price can add up. Consider several factors before you decide to try installing or replacing kitchen cabinets by yourself:

  •  Is professional assistance really out of your budget?
  •  Do you know how much an expert installation would cost?
  •  Can you cover all costs if an accident happens during installation?
  •  Do you know the necessary procedures for a secure installation job?
  •  Can you cover repair costs if you damage the materials while working?
  •  Do you have any prior experience working with cabinet installation tools?
  •  Can you expend the time and energy needed for a long-lasting installation?

Why an Expert Installer Could Help You

If you don’t do contracting work, you usually don’t encounter or think of the typical questions needed for an efficient installation. You might also still be struggling between painting vs. replacing kitchen cabinets in the first place. 

With an expert contractor on your side, you don’t need to have all of the answers immediately. Instead, the design team can help you make prominent decisions about your kitchen design work. They can also answer other questions regarding the layout of your kitchen and how to improve it.

Instead of estimating prices on your own, asking a professional to give you a quote often improves the pricing accuracy. They may help you dispel some preconceived notions about the cabinetry installation process as well.

How You Benefit From Qualified Contracted Work

An experienced designer and contractor can complete new cabinet installations with ease. You can go from a messy, half-finished space to a new, modern kitchen in just a few hours or days. This process can all happen without you lifting a finger to work on it yourself.

You can also ask designers to customize your kitchen for more energy efficiency as you practice energy-saving techniques. The contractors often have access to industry-leading cabinetry and other materials for an updated kitchen space.

The employees from a reputable company have proper licenses to work in Maryland with proven quality. Many companies also provide their insurance so you don’t have to pay for any contractor injuries during the kitchen remodel.

Have Your Workers but Not Your Cabinets?

The answer to “Do I need a permit to replace kitchen cabinets?” is a general no. You should still check with your local authorities to be sure. After all, the kitchen cabinet replacement process can take a lot of time and energy.

Still, the remodeling job can’t start without good cupboards and materials. At Current Cabinetry, we offer factory-direct, high-quality cabinets with premium finishes for your new kitchen. When you work with us, you cut out the middle man, receiving your delivery within one to three days inside your house.

Call 410-609-7077 for your premium supply order in Baltimore, MD, today.

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