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can you stack base cabinets

Can You Stack Base Cabinets?

Can you stack base cabinets? The short answer is yes, you can. 

The long answer is a bit more complicated, as stacked base cabinets are best for certain applications and completely unsuitable for others. 

Read on to learn more about stacking strategies with base kitchen cabinets. You can also contact Current Cabinetry if you’d like to view some high-quality kitchen cabinets in Baltimore for inspiration!

Base Cabinets vs. Stacked Cabinets

What’s the difference between base cabinets and stacked cabinets?

  • Base cabinets are the larger cabinets underneath or above your countertops. These base cabinets form the majority of your room’s storage space and cover around two to three feet from the floor up.
  • Stacked cabinets are the smaller, squatter cabinets on top. For instance, you might see them on top of the longer base cabinet in which you keep your brooms or mops. Stacked cabinets rarely measure more than two feet tall. 

Your stacked cabinets can provide great additional storage and organizational space. However, many people also choose them for their aesthetic and design purposes. For example, stacked cabinets beautifully showcase accessories or accent lighting. 

Stacking Base Cabinets: A Good Idea?

Stacking base cabinets is a great idea if you want to maximize your kitchen storage. Two larger cabinets are better for storage than one, right? 

Still, stacking base cabinets too tall runs the risk of making them inaccessible and full of dead (unusable) space. So, stacking your kitchen’s base cabinets makes the most sense in pantries, where you can maximize vertical space. 

The example of pantries works best for stacking base cabinets because you don’t have to worry about leaving countertop space for cooking preparation or those sparkling new appliances. You can also fit large cabinets with useful dividers to optimize the storage space available.

When Are Stacked Cabinets an Even Better Idea?

Can you stack base cabinets easily? Stacking more base cabinets in your main kitchen area might make things complicated or waste valuable pockets of space in hard-to-reach places. 

In that way, stacked cabinets are better. Usually, stacked cabinets go perfectly in a main kitchen area. They have a smaller profile, so they stack on top of your base cabinets without removing much ceiling clearance. 


Think of the numbers this way: 

  • Residential kitchen ceilings are about eight feet tall. 
  • Most homeowners like to leave two feet of clearance from the cabinets to the ceiling.
  • Typical base cabinets usually stand about three feet tall.
  • Most homeowners leave at least 18 inches of space between countertops and upper cabinets. 

By our calculations, that’s a little under four feet for additional upper cabinet space, so if one set of base cabinets takes up about two feet, another set would go through the ceiling. Why not try stacked cabinets instead to leave an additional foot of clearance underneath the ceiling? You can still use the very tops of cabinets for storage.


Of course, another consideration for stacked cabinets is aesthetics. Stacked cabinets on top of base cabinets are closer to the golden ratio—a contrast that’s pleasing to the human eye. 

Multiple stacked base cabinets might look too top-heavy. It might distract viewers from the most exciting kitchen design elements.

Alternatives to Stacking Base Cabinets

If you don’t have enough space to stack base cabinets but don’t necessarily want stacked kitchen cabinets, there are a couple of other options, such as:

  • Long shelves and open shelving. An alternative to cabinetry suits open kitchen designs. Long shelving provides storage and meshes aesthetics by using the same material as the countertops. 
  • Storage bars. Do you need extra space to hang cookware? The most common place for storage hanging bars is on the sink backsplash or directly over the preparation area. 
  • Storage boxes on the wall. This is a neat twist on traditional shelving. The simple, geometric design of hanging storage boxes really elevates modern kitchen designs, but rough, unfinished wood also matches a farmhouse rustic look perfectly.
  • Full-sized cabinets. Forgo the countertop cabinets and take full advantage of your space from floor to ceiling. Full-size cabinets might be a good alternative if you have several large appliances that need more storage space. 

Current Cabinet Designs For Sale in Baltimore

So, can you stack base cabinets? Of course, you can, but there are countless other alternatives that may suit your design preferences or space constraints more precisely. Whether you want stacked cabinets for your kitchen or to browse the best cabinet products in Baltimore, Current Cabinetry is here to serve. 

Contact Current Cabinetry’s manufacturer-direct wholesale kitchen cabinet company online or call (410) 609-7077 today!

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