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How To Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinet Door Style for Base Cabinets

Cabinet door styles contribute significantly to your kitchen’s visual appearance. Whatever you choose for your cabinet doors will drastically affect how your kitchen looks. As such, you should choose the right cabinet door style for your preferred aesthetic.

Custom Cabinetry works as a top kitchen cabinet provider in Baltimore, so we can help you start searching here. Knowing your options for designing your kitchen cabinet doors can help you work with professional kitchen designers.

The Importance of Base Cabinets

Base cabinets refer to cabinets with a countertop rather than those attached to the walls or ceiling. These cabinets house your sink, provide counter space for daily necessities, and can alter the room’s appearance. As such, you’ll need to think carefully about how they look — including what style of doors you want to use.

What To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

As you review your kitchen cabinet door style options, you need to consider three pertinent aspects.


Material, color, and door design prices will vary based on the construction process. More luxurious or rare materials, like certain types of solid wood, will generally cost more than particleboard or laminate.

Review your funds first to determine how much money you can spend on your kitchen cabinets. While the cost will also vary depending on how many cabinets you have and what materials you decide to use, you can get a general price idea by reviewing examples.

Home Design

Most kitchens work as a cohesive part of the house rather than sticking out as some children’s bedrooms might. For example, if you have a more minimalistic style in the rest of the house, the kitchen should generally follow suit, as an overly ornate kitchen may seem out of place and awkward.

Look at the other main rooms in your house, like the living or dining room. If one area looks more modern or rustic, the kitchen will likely look better if it matches the aesthetic. You can reproduce geometric shapes, floor plans, and kitchen colors, or use complementary shapes and ideas that connect the rooms to your preferred theme.

Kitchen Layout

Your kitchen layout can also help you decide what cabinet doors to use. For example, one section of the kitchen may have a line of drawers rather than a full cabinet. In such cases, you may want to look at how door size alters the cabinet door style.

You may also want to choose different types of doors depending on how many you have. If you want some cabinet doors to stick out, you may choose a door style that differs from the others. For example, instead of filling the entire kitchen with glass panel cabinet doors, you may have mostly slab doors with one or two glass panels.

Aspects of Your Cabinet Doors

Most kitchen cabinets come with similar parts. That said, you can change the design by forgoing certain parts.


The panel refers to the center section of many cabinet doors. Certain styles, like slab doors, don’t have a specific center panel, being a single slab of material with a knob or pull attached. The panel usually comes recessed or raised compared to the stiles and rails.

Stiles and Rails

The stiles and rails surround the center panel of the cabinet door in a frame. Stiles refer to the left and right pieces of the frame, while rails refer to the shorter top and bottom frame pieces. The rails can come in arched or squared forms, while stiles tend to be rectangular.

Framing Beads and Mullions

Framing beads refer to the designs on the inside edge of the frame closest to the center panel. They often range from traditional, rounded styles to beveled, modern iterations. Mullions cross over the center panel and can match the framing beads.

Knobs and Pulls

Door knobs or pulls allow you to open the cabinet doors without directly touching the door material. They often come in steel, silver, bronze, and other colors, though you can have cabinet doors without them.

Need Help Designing Your Kitchen?

We’ve only just scratched the surface of what you can do to find the right cabinet door style for your home. Still, choosing cabinet doors doesn’t have to be difficult.

Current Cabinetry provides Maryland homes with various hanging and base cabinet options, including different colors, materials, sizes, and more. Call 410-609-7077 for free cabinet design assistance and to find and choose the best kitchen cabinet doors for your home today.

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